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We have compiled a list of commonly asked questions from our customers regarding men's hair replacement systems for your convenience. Should you have any additional inquiries, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

I engage in frequent physical activities and experience a lot of sweating. What is the most breathable hair replacement system that suits a highly active lifestyle?

Full lace hair systems offer optimal breathability and a lightweight feel. Additionally, our combined bases of lace and skin provide a breathable option that is easy to apply and remove. If you engage in daily activities that result in significant sweating, we advise removing the hair system and performing a thorough cleaning at least once a week.

In search of the most secure attachment, which base should I opt for?

When seeking the most secure attachment, the choice of base is crucial. When bonded correctly, all our hair systems offer a secure attachment. Proper care, including removal, cleaning, and re-bonding every 2-3 weeks, ensures a secure hold.

For the strongest attachment, many clients have found the full skin base to be highly effective. Applying liquid adhesive all over the scalp before wearing a full skin base hair system guarantees the most secure fit.

Could wearing a hair system lead to scalp damage? I'm still considering the option of a hair transplant down the line.

As long as the hair system is kept clean and properly maintained, it will not harm your scalp or existing hair. In fact, the hair system can offer some level of protection against the sun and shield sensitive scalps from environmental elements.

What is the expected delivery time for the hair system after placing my order?

The delivery time varies based on your location and the specific hair systems you've ordered.

Delivery time consists of two components: order processing time and shipping time. Stock hair systems typically require 3-5 business days for processing, while custom orders may take approximately 6 weeks.

Shipping time for UK based orders is 3-7 working days after processing.

For international orders, we use Royal Mail International Tracked delivery. With a processing time of 3-5 business days, US Air shipping typically takes 7-12 business days.

It's important to note that we cannot guarantee shipping times in the event of national crises, holidays, natural disasters, carrier delays, or other circumstances beyond our control.

How frequently should I consider replacing my hair system?

The replacement frequency of your hair system largely depends on the chosen base, as different bases come with varying lifespans. For instance, our ultra-thin skin base (0.03mm) typically lasts around 2 months, while our mono base hair system can endure up to a year with proper care. The lifespan is also influenced by factors such as how often you wear it and the maintenance practices you employ.

Is it permissible to swim, shower, or sleep while wearing my hair system?

Certainly! You can sleep, swim, shower, and engage in various activities while wearing it without any restrictions. However, it's worth noting that chlorine in pools may have a drying effect on the hair. To counter this, we recommend deep conditioning the hair after swimming to refresh and maintain its health.

I engage in frequent swimming. What type of adhesive is recommended for the most secure attachment?

If your hair is regularly exposed to water, it is highly advisable to use water-proof tape or adhesives. Acrylic adhesives like Ultra Hold or Blue Liner Lace tape have proven to be effective for achieving a secure attachment.

What is the recommended duration for keeping the hair system bonded to my head once I apply it?

The duration of bonding varies depending on factors such as the type of adhesive used, your skin type, climate, and lifestyle. It is recommended to remove and clean the hair system every 1-2 weeks to prolong its lifespan. In situations where there's minimal sweating and in dry climates, leaving it on for about 3-4 weeks may be feasible.

For lace hair systems attached with liquid adhesive, it is not advisable to wear them continuously for more than two weeks. Prolonged wear can lead to adhesive penetration through the lace, making cleaning more challenging.

I encounter difficulties when removing tape from the lace base of my hair system. Do you have any tips for addressing this issue?

Prior to detaching the lace hair system from the scalp, apply a spray adhesive remover to the tape area and let it soak for a few minutes. Locate the back edge of the base and lift it slightly. Subsequently, use a towel to gently peel off the tapes.

Is the lace designed to match my skin color?

The lace color for all our stock hair systems is beige. If you require lace in different colors, please reach out to our customer service at for customization.

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